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Blue Skies of Mapleview at Chapleboro.
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Blue Skies of Mapleview Fundraiser for World Central Kitchen Ukraine hosted online at 32auctions

Thanks to the greater community who rallied with us to donate their time, resources, energy, good will, and expertise to help us on April 3, 2022 with our Help Ukraine fundraiser. We began with an idea to generate $10,000 for World Central Kitchen and three weeks later pulled together the event with the cooperation and help from our horse boarders, instructors, students, family, friends, neighbors, contacts, and a host of generous families and individuals. We did not make $10,000 but instead over $22,000 was raised and sent to World Central Kitchen!!!

We are overwhelmed at the kindness and stamina of a host of individuals - too many to list here! Thank you all so much. Many businesses donated sausages, buns, advertising, porta-potties, and chairs. Individuals arrived with grills, tables, sound systems, paper goods, unbelievably beautiful baked goods and salads. Artists worked tirelessly on face and postcard painting! The graphics magician created a poster, a program, and thank you notes. The silent auction team tirelessly worked with their tiny fingers on their computers to set us up and then total it all! A publicity powerhouse and the QR code queen left us gob smacked. A fairy house appeared overnight under our deck for the sprouts. Cornhole sets arrived. Set up and clean up volunteers left no chair or trash bin unattended. Our beloved neighbor drove his team of Percherons over for the ever popular wagon rides! Even our horses were on their best behavior once they got used to the giant Percherons in their cul-de-sac.

We recognize this is a drop in the bucket of what the Ukrainian people need but please remember that buckets are filled one drop at a time. Please continue to donate to World Central Kitchen or the charity of your choice as you are able. We do strongly believe that the still, small voice of the good will overcome evil!

Deborah and Peter

For everyone's safety Blue Skies of Mapleview's policy is to serve only fully vaccinated riders and staff. We will continue to follow CDC protocols as they develop. Thank you for your understanding.

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