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We are interested in boarding quiet, sound horses that could be included gently in our lesson and camp programs. We offer half board reduction in exchange for the opportunity to include your horse. Our students begin riding bareback and earn their saddles and reins through good balance and competency. We teach our students to steer with balance and leg pressure NOT kicking and yanking on reins so your horse will not be desensitized or become a dull school horse. But, you will know that when you come to ride, your horse will be ready, in shape, and ready to go as he has been included in a couple of lessons that week. We treat your horse as well as our own horses but will feed them as you would like them fed. If you have a horse that may enjoy such a situation and he/she is good with children and women please call Deborah Pearson-Moyers, the manager at (919) 933-1444 to talk over this option. If possible, we'd like to meet your horse before accepting them on the half board basis.

Buying A Horse

After a couple years of riding lessons, some families and women feel it is time to deepen their relationship with one special horse and decide to purchase one. We offer a consulting service for helping you find that first or even second horse especially if it will be boarded at Blue Skies. At times, we have horses available for sale at Blue Skies of Mapleview as well. Please call for more information. We only have these conversations, consultations, and leases with adults.


At times, particularly during the winter months, we may have horses available for on-site partial lease to students or former students. We can't offer leases to people whose riding we are unfamiliar with as we care for the physical and mental well being of our beloved horses.

What people have to say about our boarding

"Today was really magical. You found a really special place. I couldn't be happier for you and your horse."

"They are a special group for sure. I didn't know what I was expecting but you all blew me away."

"Thanks for being such a kind, welcoming, and wonderful group of people!" J and S

"One last thought is a quote from Black Beauty. He said "horses don't get to choose the people in their lives.". But I think, if they could, they would choose you (Deborah). Your love and care for these amazing animals have enriched not only their lives, but the lives of so many people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life with these beautiful creatures and for making beautiful memories for so many humans." D